Who we are
From out of SouthWest Florida, a ragtag eclectic collection of people brave the traffic of US 41 to meet to discuss ... flah dna flah! (wahm)

It's not who you know, but that you're there. Early beginnings in the late 80's to early 90's ... well ... you'll have to search around to figure out the rest. As many discuss the true origins, some yet doubt the existence. And so it goes. The eclectic. The weird. The diverse. And that's only where we met.
The current Fort Myers incarnation rejoins few, adds a few.
It's kind of like the old duck joke: There's two ducks in front of two ducks, two ducks behind two ducks, two ducks to the left of two ducks, and two ducks to the right of two ducks. How many ducks? Four.

Enjoy the merriment, explore the facileness, and engage the trivialities that are ToastyFried.